Girl's Night Out: A Checklist

It’s Girl's Night Out. You’ve been preparing for at least 72 hours. You’re rocking the perfect combination of “I didn’t even try” and “I am 100% aware of how cute I am right now” (it’s an art).

So what’s happening? Drinks? Dancing? Art gallery opening for a friend of a friend (I think he’s from France? No, Prague. In any case - )? You never know where the night will take you - and you prefer it that way. The important thing is to be prepared for all situations. Let’s go down the mental checklist of essentials, shall we?

  • ID - proof of self; flash it - and your smile - at the door
  • credit cards - start the mental prep for the inevitable meltdown you’ll have tomorrow morning when you check your statement
  • cash - “cash only” is a thing and you are not trying to deal with ATM fees
  • phone - basically your life in a tiny handheld super computer, and because you’re going to want documentation of the evening’s events
  • lipstick - that perfect shade. for touch-ups, and an excuse to go to the bathroom when you need a moment

  • Keep all of the above around your wrist in your go-to, day-to-night, do-I-have-everything-of-course-i-do, oh-so-stylish clutch-slash-wallet-slash-wristlet.

    Ready: go (out)!

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